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About Me 🔍

When I was 10 I wanted to analyze crime scenes. 

At 20, I was analyzing stock markets. 

Today, I'm deep diving into your marketing channels, discovering why you're not bringing in leads, helping you craft a working strategy and build your case in front of the board. 

What I'm working on

1. I'm a co-founder of a competitive intelligence and sales enablement agency Grow & Scale. We first started as a content marketing agency but later re-positioned to align our efforts directly to revenue gain. In the past few years, we consistently added 6 and 7-figures to our clients' revenue. I'm also trying to grow my second agency Moon & Nox. 

2. I recently launched a "What is Elon up to" project to gain insights into wth is Elon working on and how it impacts shareholder value. It's a fun side project to increase visibility for investors and fans.

3. On this website I write articles about marketing, entrepreneurship and processes (that's the plan, at least). 

Other stuff

1. At university, I started an organization that became a part of the 180 Degrees Consulting network. Business students are utilizing their knowledge to help local non-profits with improving their business models, go-to-market approach and marketing.

2. I'm trying to overcome my imposter syndrome and post on Twitter at least 3-times per week. (this is really not working out for me)

3. I only recently learned how to ski. There's something terrifying about learning it as an adult, envisioning all the ways I could break my legs. 

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