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Become a High-Performing Marketing Leader in Tech

Transform your marketing leadership, confidently lead teams and drive exponential growth.

Every marketing leader needs
a coach.

You’re stuck between balancing leadership requests and your strategic efforts, reacting to the market, staying on top of all the new marketing trends and aligning activities with company goals without the pressure coming from the board.

It is exhausting and you wish you could have someone to: 

  • help you discover and implement frameworks, 

  • understand the value of marketing trends for your organization,

  • navigate building and expending marketing functions

  • remove any blind spots that keep you from making better decisions, faster.

Hi, I'm Manja

For the past decade, I've been building marketing strategies, leading teams and working side-by-side with marketing leaders who scaled their startups well into 7-figures. 


I can help you bring in the same results by removing your blind spots and offering the outside perspective needed when making strategic moves.  


Let's meet on a quick call if this could help you achieve your marketing goals and make you a better marketing leader.

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I Have Worked With Leaders From These Companies

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